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  1. Why should I contact you if I can find a photographer directly?
    Capture Photography Center cooperates only with reliable professional photographers on certain conditions. The main one is the same price for any customer, regardless of whether you contact the photographer directly, or contact through us. Pricing is based on principles of transparency, so you can be assured that you will not be deceived.
  2. Why photographers do cooperate with you? It seems that you are unnecessary link between them and client.
    Capture Photography Center strives to provide its full support for photographers during the time of placing order and further work with clients. This means that they can use all service we provide: staff help and consultancy, meeting room, reception, as well as high-quality printing, photostudio and design services at discounted prices. Nevertheless, each photographer always chooses by himself whether he needs to take those advantages or not, we only offer an opportunity to the photographer to focus on their work directly, without the distraction on non-core issues.
  3. Can you advise a photographer from your database for each particular case (fashion photoset, weddings, children's photoset, photoset in a photostudio etc.)?
    We are always happy to help in such matters. Despite the fact that all our photographers have extensive professional experience, and theoretically they can perform any job, every photographer has his own professional direction which he knows and likes the most. In each case, we will try to recommend you a photographer who perfectly meets your request accordingly to his specialisation. This kind of work certainly has more potential to become successful and working process will be more interesting.
  4. Why don't you list names of photographers you are working with?
    You can visit Photoset section on our website where we have placed works of all photographers we are working with. However, we decided not to make the list of photographers, to make sure that all of them are in the equal position for customers. Thus we wanted to exclude a factor that photographers have different degree of popularity and this can make influence on clients' final decision. After reviewing the photos on our website, you can make a decision based on your own emotions and feelings and be sure that it won't frustrate you. If you are interested in our proposal to organize a photoset, we are happy to share a comprehensive information with you.
  5. I'm a photographer, can you add me into your database of photographers?
    Capture Photography Center is always open to dialogue and cooperation. Contact us by any convenient way for you. All possible forms of communication can be found in Contacts section.
  6. What kind of printing facilities and supplies do you use for printing purposes?
    For our large format printing purposes we use the 11 color plotter Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and only the original supplies from Epson, so our customers can be assured that they will always have high-quality printing.
  7. Can I purchase a gift certificate?
    Yes, of course, you can order a gift certificate for all services provided by Capture Photography Center starting at just 10 000 KZT.
  8. I need to decorate the interior for my office, home, cafe, restaurant, etc. with photo images. Can you help me with this?
    Yes, you can choose the photo images from the Capture Gallery section, which is constantly being updated, or we can make indivudaul offer for you with our interior designer depending on your preference.
  9. I need easels for the coming event soon. Can you help me in this matter?
    Yes, you can rent a high-quality easels and in large amount. Please contact us by any convenient way for you in advance.